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What should be the ideal return to gamer (RTP)? This is a fiercely debated concern in the German gaming market complying with the modifications in the turnover taxation that are arranged ahead into pressure from 1 July 2021.

While several numbers and lots of concepts have actually been progressed, we found certain LinkedIn message by Robert Lenzhofer, Co-Founder as well as CEO of Hölle Gamings, particularly healthy and also insightful.

We are reproducing the post with minor modifications right here, with approval from the writer. You can locate the original blog post below.

Over to Mr. Lenzhofer now …

I have published a LinkedIn survey just recently with the title: “If/when Germany presents the 5.3% turn over tax obligation, what RTP rate is ideal suited considering both game-play and efficient tax-paid?”

After one week and 120 ballots from market experts, the survey revealed the following outcome:

Picture of poll outcome. 90-92% RTP gets 52% votes. 87-89 gets 33%. 84-86 gets 8%. 81-83 gets 8%. Total 120 vots. Poll is closed

There are a few ways of checking out

this, yet I assume the key take-away is that the market this poll stands for is fairly evenly split between over 90 %RTP and also below 90%RTP

. The tax explained First, to guarantee we get on the same web page, a fast explanation of the tax obligation proposed: Currently a 5.3%tax on turnover has actually been recommended as well as a draft-legislation does exist. I will not enter into the national politics as well as the assuming behind this, yet instead try to assess the numbers. A 5.3%tax on every bet being positioned on an on the internet port implies a driver can not provide an RTP over 94.7%. At 94.7% RTP, the driver would certainly recover cost exactly on a bet-level, however obviously would shed money as marketing, employees and basic operation need to be financed in some way. Taking into consideration financial expenses in any type of procedure, that suggests the maximum RTP an online casino is practically able to provide while staying clear of bankruptcy is possibly around 93% or more probable at 92%. This is the leading ceiling as well as at the very same time expensive to be lucrative.

Currently, there is a little unpredictability and I’m also not completely sure if the number to determine versus is 5.3% or rather 5.033%. The tax obligation is 5.3% on turnover, indicating a 1 EUR wager triggers a tax of 5.3 cents, which completes to 1.053 EUR. The tax-portion of 1.053 EUR is much less than 5.3%. 100 * 5.3/(100 +5.3) = 5.033 resp. 5.033%. I do computations right here in this paper based upon 5.3%.

Just how to stabilize RTP and also earnings

We’ve developed over that 93% or 92% is the top ceiling, but where is all-time low?

The table below shows how a Slots-operator will certainly be exhausted, determined right into the GGR-equivalent %-age number and also cross-referenced with RTP. For reference, lots of various other territories in Europe use a GGR-based tax-rate of around 20%. As you can see from the table listed below, the 5.3% tax-rate on turn over would not be so poor, if gamers would approve 80% RTP. At 80% RTP, the GGR-equivalent tax-rate is 26.50% as well as hence an affordable tax-rate.

Table describing various tax rates with respect to betting amount

The coloring I have done here may be a little biased, particularly in regards to RTP so please take with a grain of salt. But if you about approve that the red-area you want to avoid on the RTP as well as on the GGR-% side, after that you end up with an RTP-bandwidth between 84% and 91% to play with.

Additionally, and once more given you accept the coloring, an operator certainly intends to find an RTP in the green as well as a GGR-% in the environment-friendly. Here we get to 88% as well as 89% RTP.

Now, a whole lot has been composed that players will decline such reduced RTP’s as say 84%. There are counter-arguments made that in land-based slots the RTP is precisely at that level as well as in fact 88% is on the higher-end in land-based online casinos.

On the various other hand, for many market-participants the number “9” is a psychological blocker. Players, Affiliates as well as a couple of Slots-Studios I talk to really feel extremely distressed offering item below 90% as this number still feels somewhat close to the industry-average of 94 to 97%. 89% seems very various than 90%, although it is “just” 1% in RTP went down.

Sportsbook vs. Casinos

It will certainly be interesting to view if Sportsbook or Sports-led brands will certainly choose a differing RTP-rate than Pure-Play Casino Sites. A Sportsbook can extra quickly stay on a higher RTP as well as simply stop all temporary expenditures (reward, marketing, etc.) and focus on cross-sell. A pure-play Casino will certainly have to look a lot much more carefully on fundamental and in my opinion will have a hard time using e.g. 90% RTP-Slots as the GGR-equivalent tax-rate is 53%.


Will there be brand-new Game-Mechanics developed to fight this issue? Taking a look at the table above once more, the second column states the amount of rotates a player usually can make until 1 EUR is invested relying on the RTP-Level. At 95% RTP this is 20 rotates. Now, if a Game-Mechanic can be created that gives a reduced mathematical RTP while at the same time offers a similar amount of actual spins, then this could be a solution to the trouble.


The above explanation is in no chance full– there are actually interesting studies which evaluate how much an RTP is “really felt” by the player as well as there is probably very good data the land-based sector needs to offer.

However, to move far from being neutral, right here’s what I directly think: The fact will be that everyone will certainly press the RTP down as well as try out the most affordable acceptable RTP as this optimizes their earnings. Therefore, come 1st of July, we’ll see a great deal of RTP’s try out. Imagine you are a pure-play casino site and also you can supply a Game-Mechanic that really feels great to the gamer and has a nice session size, while remaining at or listed below 40% GGR-equivalent-tax. I believe things begin to fall apart financially for a driver at 40% tax-rate. If you possess your very own media-assets and have good deals with your distributors as well as run a limited procedure then a 40% tax is feasible to do really well in Germany. That implies, the average-RTP across the profile will need to be around 87-88%. I assume you can blend in 91% video games into the portfolio so that becomes part of the profile as well, however most of revenue of the white-market in Germany will certainly in my opinion come from Ports around 88% RTP. And also given that some video games will certainly be mixed in at 90/91% you can anticipated some slots to be blended in at 84/85% rate also.