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Amid the recent NFT (Non-fungible token) fad in the cryptocurrency sector, blockchain video game social platform, Ludena Method, officially announced their roadmap update to consist of the Ludena Globe Metaverse, complete with of NFT properties, on the 12th of March.

Ludena Method runs the DApp GameTalkTalk, which has actually lately exceeded 3.5 million downloads on the Google Play store. GameTalkTalk gives worth to players’ everyday activities, such as playing video games as well as submitting game-related material to the system, by offering rewards in their indigenous cryptocurrency, LDN.

Within the first half of this year, the firm prepares to progressively launch NFT properties such as NFT wearables for individuals’ avatars as well as “My Space” NFT decors, within the Ludena World Metaverse. “We will continue to lead the NFT market, consisting of getting in the NFT market and also NFT market through aggressive collaborations with international NFT companions in the future,” the foundation stated.

According to the statement, NFT assets in the Ludena ecosystem will include avatar wearables, “My Area” online space/land design, user-created NFTs, as well as Ludena Globe map areas. In other words, gamers can tailor their game personalities or change their customer accounts through their Ludena NFT possessions, which are offered in the kind of boundless digital decorations.

Usable video game personalities on Ludena Method’s P2P video gaming system, can be personalized with costumes, special weapons, in addition to a variety of various other accessories, as well as are made use of in hyper-casual, multiplayer games. Individuals will certainly have the ability to see either their purchased, won or created NFTs in the games they play.

Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Procedure, said, “Now that NFTs are becoming a mega fad in the blockchain market, we wish to lead the international market by coming to be Korea’s representative system for the circulation of NFT possessions based on actual demand.”

At the same time, news related to NFTs (Non-fungible symbols) is receiving obvious interest in the industry recently. Earlier this month, Grimes, vocalist and partner of Tesla Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, made $6.5 M in 20 minutes by auctioning off her digital NFT paints. In addition, the initial Twitter post that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey uploaded on the auction market really showed off the NFT fad as the bidding rate rose to about $2.8 M.

RESOURCE Ludena Procedure