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Inner Vision Counseling

Individual, Family, Marriage, and Christian Counseling in Dublin, Ohio

Your Therapy

People begin counseling/therapy for many different reasons as well as for mental disorders and mental illness. For some, it may be as simple as wanting the opportunity to focus inward, for better self understanding and personal growth. For others it may be a tool for relief and support in getting through a difficult period in their lives.

Counseling can help people through crisis, upheaval or loss of control over their lives. People grieving for loved ones lost through death or distance, divorce or betrayal can be helped in their transitions to wholeness through counseling. Depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems can wreak havock on just about every area of our lives. Maybe you keep making the same mistakes in your life, or choosing the wrong people to have relationships with. Or maybe you don’t even know what is wrong. These are good reasons to seek counseling.

In therapy, the focus is on you. On getting your needs met whatever you deem them to be. Everyone wants to feel heard, cared about and understood. Counseling is very much a learning process. Learning to control anxiety and stress. Managing and lifting depression. It can be about learning to listen and to communicate for connection with friends and loved ones. It can help with parenting too. We will talk together about your particular concerns and set some goals for therapy.