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Inner Vision Counseling

Individual, Family, Marriage, and Christian Counseling in Dublin, Ohio

About Insurance

Many people initially believe that they would like to use their health insurance ‘in-network’ to help cover the cost of their therapy.

****If after reading the following, you still need/want to use your insurance, then check your policy as to your benefits and the time frame for submitting them.****

I am an out-of-network care provider only.

I don’t take insurance for the following reasons:

  1. You will have to be given a mental disorder diagnosis in order to be covered by your insurance. Marriage, relationship, parenting, and couple’s counseling are not covered by health insurance unless at least one of the insured clients is given a mental disorder diagnosis. I don’t believe that all people who seek counseling either individually or as a couple/family necessarily have any mental disorders.
  2. If you choose to use your insurance company, they will keep your mental disorder diagnosis and other submitted information as part of your medical records forever. If you are or may become self insured, this will likely effect your rates. If you apply for life or disability insurance, they will have access to these records as well.
  3. If you use insurance in-network, your therapist will have to submit your treatment plan for them. The therapist may have to discuss your therapy progress with your insurance case managers or write a report about you in order to justify why continued sessions are necessary. They will want to know that you are still sick and that you are making progress to get better. I am not comfortable writing and/or talking about your mental health with anyone let alone with someone we don’t even know at your insurance company. (Please also see the confidentiality page on my website). You may choose to submit the superbill receipt that I give you at each session as out-of-network only.
  4. When you submit out-of-network, your insurance company will require less information about your mental health than if it is submitted as “in-network”. They will only require the mental disorder diagnosis. I will give you 2 copies of your superbill at each session to submit as ‘out of network’ to your insurance if you choose. It will include your diagnosis if you have one. This should be all that you need. I will have no contact with your insurance company and this way you will know exactly what information they have about your mental health. I will collect the full fee from you at each session and you will receive any reimbursement directly from your insurance.You don’t have to decide immediately whether or not to submit your superbill to insurance. Many people keep them for a month or so while deciding whether or not to mail them in depending on how many sessions they can afford.


“Health Savings Accounts” or “Flexible Spending Accounts” are often the best way to pay for counseling services without confidential information having to be disclosed.