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Inner Vision Counseling

Individual, Family, Marriage, and Christian Counseling in Dublin, Ohio


Since I regard the information you share with me with greatest respect, I want us to be as clear as possible how this will be handled. Your privacy and the confidentiality of our conversations, and my records, is a privilage of yours and is protected by State Law and by my profession’s ethical standards as well. There are however a few cases where limitations to confidentiality do exist. The following is a complete listing.

  1. I will at times consult with another counselor (always in order for my work to be as beneficial as possible to the client). This is a standard of practice.
  2. I have a duty to warn if I believe that you are at risk of either suicidal or homicidal behavior.
  3. I have a duty to protect if a child or elderly person is being (or has been) abused or neglected.
  4. In rare circumstances, Professional Counselors can be ordered by a judge to release information.

Otherwise, I will not tell anyone anything about your treatment, diagnosis, history, or even that you are a client without your prior knowledge and approval with a signed release of information form.